February 9, 2013

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Why Use Hypnotherapy?

Most people live normal healthy lives, and yet there may be some aspects they want to change.

For example : reducing stress and anxiety, reversing a problem, improving confidence, enhancing sports performance, or improvement to their overall health.

When it comes down to it, your health should be the most important thing to think about.

After a review in various therapy techniques Hypnosis has the highest success rate after just six sessions             

Source: Psychotherapy Magazine (vol.7.no1 Alfred A Barrios, PhD)

Hypnotherapy- 93% after six sessions

Behaviour therapy 72% after 72 sessions

Psychotherapy 38% after 699 sessions





Changes take place at a unconscious level because this is where our automatic patterns habits and responses are established this is where hypnotherapy comes into its own as a powerful and useful therapy.

My Services include:

The Holistic Therapeutic methods  I use are made up of many techniques used in and out of a hypnotic state. Depending on the clients issue and depending on the uniqueness of the clients needs. I treat all clients as an individual.

Traditional hypnotherapy– employed direct suggestion of symptom removal, with some use of therapeutic Relaxation techniques, this particular form of hypnotherapy works with your model of the world and you are getting involved in your therapy process, so that changes are more likely to be easily accepted and long lasting.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy– developed a radically different approach with the use of complex language patterns and therapeutic strategies, similar in NLP modelling

Cognitive/behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH) is an integrated psychological therapy employing clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy The use of CBT in conjunction with hypnotherapy may result in greater treatment effectiveness.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Neuro-Com like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Com is a personal unique approach to making change on all levels. Neuro-Com also takes in the consideration of Nutrition and Bio-Chemistry as part of the thought processes and works with a number of Anxiety and Depression Disorders.

Parts Therapy or Ego state Therapy– used through NLP- Hypnosis and Neuro-Com Our unconscious is protective, and through this mechanism the unconscious sets up specific ‘parts’ to deal with trauma or special needs the individual may require. It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided into an indeterminate number of parts. The intention of each part is positive or protective for the individual. There are no bad parts and the goal of Parts Therapy is not to eliminate parts, but instead to help find positive roles or behaviours.

Inner Child Therapy– The process of healing your wounded inner child -is one of grief, and it involves trust validation, anger sadness, loneliness, acceptance. Similar to Part therapy we can find the role of the inner child and heal the wounds of broken childhoods and build self esteem and confidence.

Regression Therapy– Regressing back to the past to recall memories to find items or to heal traumatic events using different techniques within the model along with Gestalt Therapy and Inner child, Rewind Technique and much more.

Hypnotherapy works with a number of behaviours, habits and beliefs. see the list below, this is just a few of the many things Hypnotherapy and its techniques can help with.

Please note: I don’t not specialise in smoking cessation. I  recommend seeking a hypnotherapist that specializes in this field.

      Behavioural Changes:

  • Managing Weight
  • Insomnia, Sleep disturbances
  • Enhance Motivation
  • Increase Confidence
  • Manage Stress, Improve Relaxation
    Health and Medical:
  • Fertility
  • Childbirth, pre and post natal
  • Anxiety/ Stress related illness
    Fears & Phobias:
  • Public speaking
  • Spiders, snakes, insects etc
  • Flying, heights, elevators
  • Study anxiety



When you want to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, contact the professionals who understand Hypnotherapy in Auckland NZ and it could make a world of difference!



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