January 19, 2015

Meet Tracey

Tracey Gordon Hypnotherapy Hi, I’m Tracey Gordon Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis has taken me on a personal journey of self-discovery where I have empowered aspects of my life, improved my health, and has allowed me to continue to learn  more about how I can help others.

Throughout my childhood and teens I struggled with health issues that lead me down the path of natural remedies. In my early twenties I was curious about how the mind  worked and how our thoughts influences our lives and outcomes.

Hypnosis was what I was drawn to.

After finishing my diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy in 2010 I had a real passion is to work with people that experience pain and physical sensations, further study in this field in 2011 lead into the study of Birth By Hypnosis and Hypno-fertility.

My real passion fell into helping couples to conceive through natural fertility and utilising the key factors of hypnosis as complimentary to IVF and other assisted methods of Fertility.

In 2012 I conducted a study with a number of clients to develop a sleep program to help clients to use Hypnosis to overcome stress and other sleep problems, my passion has grown to helping my clients sleep better and reduce stress.

I have a real fascination with people’s habits and why we do what we do and how we can change these habits to enrich our life’s and to move towards ours dreams.

I now focus in helping clients with Stress management, Fertility methods and sleep conditons.

I graduated in 2010 from Alpha Hypnosis.


My qualifications include a Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy. I am a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist, Certified NeuroCom Practitioner, Certified HypnoFertility Practitioner, Certified BirthByHypnosis Practitioner, Certified HypnoBirthrite Practitioner and a Member of The Hypnofertility Foundation Inc, and Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.


I am always excited to grow and extend my knowledge to meet my client’s needs by regularly taking part in workshops and conferences with renowned Hypnotherapists worldwide, in New Zealand and abroad including training with: Alan Patching at The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (Aust),  Jan Sky (Aus) Costa Lambrias Inner child Therapy, Steve G Jones and Gary Johnston GMFINT- Neurocom (Aust), and Andrew Newton The worlds most famous hypnotist. (UK),(trained Paul McKenna)

Gary and I

andrew newton


I have also had the pleasure not only working closely with renowned Hypnotherapist from around the world but I have had the privilege to speak at the Annual NZSN/NONZ Combined Conference 2016 sharing my experience on how hypnotherapy can compliment areas such as fertility, sleep and stress related illness.

















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