September 14, 2015

Neuro-Com Coaching


The NeuroCom Coaching Program has been created by Gary Johnston over 10 years and is based on a lifetime of research and clinical practice in hypnosis and stress management. Using clearly defined and proven strategies, the Neuro-Com™ Program teaches you how to understand what your mind does for you and how to effectively communicate with you unconscious mind to create the results you want in life.


You will be amazed at the control you can have over your emotions, behaviour and relationships with other people. Plan your future as YOU want it using powerful techniques that YOU control. Eliminate anxiety, anger and fear from your days emotions.


This comprehensive coaching program leads you through a clear understanding of how your mind works and how it either provides success or struggle. You will learn about the body’s role in affecting how the mind performs. You then go through a structured process to get rid of unwanted emotional distractions and create the future you want to live.

  • Removing negative family links
  • Removing the anger
  • Dissolving guilt forever
  • Self-image – removing the conflict
  • Removing destructive parts conflicts
  • Designing Your Future
  • Creating behaviour in NOW that programs tomorrow

Whether it is your career or business, your personal life or relationships, Heath and quality of life- build your new future, become successful and have the life you deserve.

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