Do you have a pocket watch?

Many people ask me, “Do  you have a pocket watch?” “Do you use one of those swinging watches?” “Are you going to pull out a pendulum?” Before we can explain why we would use a watch lets first explain what hypnosis is and isn’t and where the watch first came from. Many people are sceptical about hypnotherapy at[…]

Hypnotherapy and Smoking Addiction

Two enthusiastic Year 13 Students from Lynfield College, Isiri and Tessa, are studying tobacco addiction this year. As part of their project they interviewed me on treating smoking addiction using Hypnotherapy. I was thrilled to be interviewed, and to meet these wonderful girls who were keen and excited to interview me. Here are some of[…]

Affirmations Improve Sleep

In most cases sleep disorders are caused by thoughts and behaviours (habits) that are learnt. The good news is this means they can be unlearnt. Your attitude and belief about sleep can impact on the ability to sleep well. Our thoughts can affect our emotions and our bodies, negative sleep thoughts can have a profound[…]

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