February 10, 2013



Hypnotherapy works!!

“Tracey is the most skilled Hypnotherapist I have ever met. I have an active mind and hypnotising my mind is not easy. Her techniques were very effective and her counsel and Regression Therapy were highly effective. Tracey’s skills and expertise are why Hypnotherapy works!!”    Tania W-G

Wow, talk about empowering!

“Tracey guided me into a very relaxed and deep state.  I felt in control – I was aware the whole time where I was and everything Tracey was saying to me, yet I was in a very deeply relaxed.  In this very relaxing place I was able to unravel a self-sabotaging thought that had started in my early years – a typical school playground event so benign and harmless that consciously I’d long forgotten it, yet at the time my young mind interpreted it in a way that impacted my self-esteem and how I thought others saw me.  That one session created a ripple effect so wonderful I have been back for more!!”   Becks

Anxiety free to be the person I want to be.

“I would like to say a big big thank you to Tracey for helping me overcome some anxiety problems that I have had for many years. Being nearly 40 years old I thought it was too late for me to change, but Tracey proved me wrong. I still have a way to go but with just a few sessions, Tracey helped me get some confidence back and I have proved to myself I can do it! I no longer feel like I want to pass out or run away when asked to speak in front of a group. I now have a set of useful self help tools up my sleeve to use for moments when I would normally have a panic attack. The daily affirmations have also helped me to feel more confident in myself. If you tell yourself something positive everyday, then your mind starts to believe it.
I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions. Tracey has a friendly, caring nature and a calm voice. She guides you through the process of hypnosis and it is easy to relax and feel at peace with her. With gentle suggestions Tracey helps your mind overcome your fears and find ways of dealing with them. When the session ended I felt very refreshed as though I had had a very peaceful rest. Tracey doesn’t rush you either, she values your needs rather clock watching.
Recently I was bridesmaid at my friends wedding. I had to say a blessing during the ceremony and also a speech during the reception. Normally I would not have been able to do this and would have worked myself up into a state prior to the wedding. Because of the work Tracey and I did together, I was able to spend the day with my best friend being the person and friend I wanted to be. The nerves were still there to some degree during the speeches but I was able to hold my head up and do it with a smile on my face. So, a big thank you to Tracey again, and I certainly recommend working with Tracey to help you become the person you want to be”.     Tamra

The Hypnotherapy itself was extremely relaxing.

“I work shif work so my day starts at 3am in the morning! I was feeling very fed up, tired and negitive for a long time before my sleep hypnosis started with Tracey. I couldn’t believe the difference i felt emotionally and physically after my first session with Tracey! I left the session feeling positive and like I could take on the world! My Sleeping patterns changed a lot from having less than 4/5 hours sleep per night to around 6.5/7 which is a HUGH difference! all with the help of self-hypnosis! I felt positive and noticed that when I was feeling good, I was attracting it too!”      Frankie

Most Relaxing and helpful experience

“Tracey helped me so much with Hypnotherapy. Her relaxed and pleasant manner was lovely and the peaceful surroundings definitely helped with my session.”    Nicki

I found her really easy to talk to.

“Tracey was very professional and knowledgable.  She is passionate about hypnosis and will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.  If in doubt, give it a go.”   Lisa

I’ve achieved my goal weight

“Over the past couple of months I have found my life has transformed since undergoing Hypnotherapy with Tracey the weight loss sessions have been highly motivating and the hypnosis was really relaxing.  I found Tracey is very easy to talk to, very approachable and open which is incredibly important to me.  I would recommend Tracey highly. After every session I came away with a feeling of calm I can’t wait to get moving, I can now manage my weight and look forward to life with a new perspective feeling great, looking good.” Deb

 During my exam I was relaxed

“While studying for final exams I was so anxious about the exam that the stress got too much. Just thinking about the exam would bring on a tight stomach, enabling me to eat or function.  After seeing Tracey for Hypnotherapy I have found I feel more relaxed and in control. During my last exam I was relaxed and confident about the information I had learnt being able to access it when I needed it. I am actually looking forward to my next exam.  I would recommend Tracey to anyone wanting to undergo hypnotherapy”       Sam

 Self Hypnosis is easy

“I learnt self-hypnosis from Tracey. At first I was hesitant to use it now I use this every day and it’s changed my life.”     Richard

I am very happy with the result!

“Thank you Tracey for providing a space for me to travel into my thoughts in such a way that i did not think was possible. My negativity has changed about insomnia and i am now looking at it in a different light. Not only am i able to drift off into relaxation at night, i am also using it as a form of meditation and a way to alter my thinking patterns that usually cause anxieties in my everyday life.”    Sarah

I was surprised at how effective the first session was.

“I was incredibly surprised how powerful the effects of hypnosis was that in just two sessions I no longer require sleeping pills after 10 years of  sleep medications, Doctors’ visits and Sleep clinics. The Hypnosis was very relaxing Tracey was welcoming and warm and she has changed my life. I would recommend Tracey to anyone seeking Hypnotherapy.”    Melanie

I feel so much lighter.

“Tracey is very professional and experienced in her approach to Hypnosis. I have been hypnotised many times over the years, Tracey’s approach was comfortable and she made me feel at ease. I suffered adverse worry after having my first child the feeling was overwhelming. Tracey has taught me some great techniques to manage my stress and my worry that niggling part inside has vanished. I feel so much lighter thanks to Tracey.”   Ingrid

Panic No More.

“I suffered from panic attacks in crowded or small spaces. I took the stairs every day to avoid taking the lift to my apartment and avoided busy places, until it all got too much I had to get help. After the 1st session of hypnotherapy with Tracey, I felt more comfortable with strangers and felt pleasantly assured when taking my lift up to my apartment for the very first time in years.  After a few more session it became easy like every day. I felt normal. I feel that I can move forward and not avoid the situations that made me feel uncomfortable. I now understand why I have suffered with this problem, and now feel so much more confident. ”   Sarah

 Thanks to Tracey.

I was experiencing breathing problems after the loss of my husband, my doctor recommended breathing techniques. I thought I would try Hypnotherapy. I found Tracey was really understanding. I felt that I understood and learnt how to breath more consciously. By using hypnosis, Mindfulness and heart felt breathing I was able to release the built up stress in my body. I find it is easier to cope now thanks to Tracey.”   Julianne

I have my swing back

“I heard About famous Golfers using Hypnosis to better their golf so I gave it a go. One session and I am back playing really well. I enjoy the game again and look forward to playing with my friends and family once again. ill be back again, really enjoyed the relaxation of the hypnosis and Tracey was really good. she took me to another place.”  John

Sleeping like a baby.

After just three sessions I am back to sleeping like a baby. It used to take me hours to drift off now I can simply jump into bed and before I know it its morning. I even have more energy during the day, Thank you Tracey you changed my world.”   Sonia

Feeling In control.

“I have always been an anxious person so I put it down to that until one day I had a panic attack at work. After seeing Tracey it was like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. I feel like a new person, more in control.”   Nicky

Frequent flyer.

“After one session with Tracey I had a good flight, I even managed 6 hours sleep by following the cd and exercises! ”  Nigel

Pregnant at last.

“The sessions were really helpful. They definitely made a difference in helping me be more calm, relaxed and positive. 13 weeks pregnant so that’s good news.Thank you for your help and support. ”       Jasmin

Looking forward to my Journey.

“Working with Tracey over the past few months has allowed me to believe in my body again. I am more confident about my IVF journey and with the Hypnosis tools I feel ready. I really enjoyed working with Tracey and appreciate her support though this time. I cannot thank her enough.” Tracy

Relaxed Child

“My Daughter had her first vaccination (after years of fear of needles/doctors) for India today and all I can say is WOW thank you! She was a completely different child. I can’t thank you enough.” Laurice



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