August 9, 2014

Weight Release & Management

Do you eat when you are bored, lonely, upset, stressed, want to feel better?

Eat out of habit?

You eat sometimes without even being aware of what you are eating?

You intend to have a small snack, but end up eating much more than you intended?

You are full of enthusiasm when you start a new diet, but in a short time you revert back to old bad habits, feeling fed up and disappointed?

You think about food a lot of the time?

Your weight will not shift with whatever you try?

This method is different from other weight programs because we are using hypnosis to make changes in habits and finding new ways of coping with stress and becoming more conscious about how and what we are eating. Hypnotherapy can help get your unconscious working in harmony with what you consciously desire – to release weight – making it easier for you to shed those kilos.  Once the two “parts” of your mind are working together you will find you won’t even want unhealthy food or drinks.

Nutrition and lifestyle is an important part to consider also. Weight gain can be caused by an unbalanced Bio-chemistry. Too much adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones can cause weigh to stay in certain parts of the body used as protection.

This program will help you to understand your emotions and behaviour around food. Create new habits, beliefs and structuring goals to keep you on track unique to your body and lifestyle.

You will now be able to:

Regain control

Say good bye to your cravings and addictions

Change your eating habits for life

Calm your mind around food

Feel motivated to exercise

Feel energised once again

Release weight easily

Maintain a healthy weight

I would highly recommend seeking nutrition advance from a orthomolecular practitioner looking at the numerous of effects Gluten and Sugar have on the body. The damage to the villi, or small fingers of tissue that extend inward from the lining of your small intestines. Over time, this damage interferes with your ability to effectively absorb glucose, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients from your meals and snacks.

80% of serotonin is also found in the gut and if the gut is not functioning you can be left feeling tired, sluggish and lack motivation to move your body.

Books I recommend – Dr Libby Weaver Holistic Nutrition Specialist.











Weight Management sessions between 5-6 sessions

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