Winding down before bed

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep? Just cant switch off?   Your mind races as soon as your head hits the pillow?

WINDDOWNConsider this… When you lay down, your body releases stress, that releases energy which turns into vibrations, those vibrations move through you and generate thoughts, those thoughts come and GO in your MIND and you no longer MIND…

It always helps to have a pre-sleep routine, to wind down before you get into bed. Your bedroom is a place of rest, comfort and for intimacy. When you establish a pre-sleep ritual, you’re establishing a clear association between certain activities and sleep.


Here are some tips that will help switch off your mind, help you to relax and wind down before sleep.

Take a hot bath or shower- A hot bath will not only relax your muscles, but it will also raise your core body temperature, which acts as a trigger to help you to fall asleep quicker.

Write down your worries- earlier in the day. Get it out (see my previous blog)

De-clutter your mind and write down your thoughts in a diary or journal. Just 10- 15 minutes a day, Write down what’s on your mind and what are the things that come to my mind when you are lying in bed at night? Get it out is a way to release tension, energy that is stored up and takes a load off.

Hot drink- Brew some tea. Perhaps a cup of passionflower or chamomile tea, Yum and it can be very relaxing.

Get intimate– Take your mind off your worries by engaging in intimate conversation, a little edification, building the other person up, focusing on the good things about your relationship and if you have sex this can physically release any tension, relaxing and preparing you for better sleep.

Stretch light stretching, like PM Yoga is a great way to unwind. PM Yoga you can find clips on YouTube .

Self-hypnosis Brings focus to a relaxed state, generates a deeper calm of increased energy, activating visualization improves memory and activates REM state. Releases stress and tension from your body mind and thoughts

Rewind technique- Rewind the day is a great technique, Emotions run forward not backward. Think about watching a scary movie backwards on rewind from the end to the beginning. It just isn’t scary if you wind it backward it just takes all the characteristics out of the characters and the events happening.

Give it a go; rewind your day from the moment you got into bed to what you did before that to what you did before that. Visualise yourself walking backwards, talking backwards, with a rewinding sound or even a tune playing. Rewinding it back all the way back to that very morning when you got out of bed.

You can also try the classic counting backwards-counting backwards descending from 300, if you leave a bit out or forget it doesn’t matter, just start from where you remember and work your way down until you fall asleep.




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